• Bruce


    Bruce is Training Director at YWAM Wylie. He has a passion to see people get the truth of the gospel,and walk it out. He also loves Canadian Hockey and Ice cream. And he speaks Pennsylvania Dutch German. SCHNIBBLYGROOMBADDA!
  • Patty


    Patty is the Director here at YWAM Wylie. She loves to see orphans find families, and she will be playing softball this fall. She and Bruce have been in missions for 25 years.
  • Kayla


    Kayla is the Campus Registrar. She loves children, sharing love, and competition. She also has injured herself in almost any kind of sport imaginable including, but not limited to, ping pong, gagaball, ultimate frisbee, softball, Rollerblading, Iceskating, football, and basketball.
  • Philip


    Phil is head of our Construction track DTS and in charge of Building Maintenance. He has a passion for building and is pioneering a Mission building ministry. He also has a Jesus walk.
  • Nick


    Nick leads YWAM Wylie's Tech department and works as school staff. He has a passion for Ultimate Frisbee, Worship, and Discipleship. He also has a severe caffeine dependency. Bribes of coffee will get you the wifi password.
  • Ashley


    Ashley is staffing this fall DTS, Leading our evangelism ministry, and helps run accounting. Beware her pingpong skills. She is obsessed with jeeps and her attack call is QUANDA!
  • Erika


    Erika will be heading a long term internship to central Asia this winter. She has a passion for India, children at risk, Orphans, and Jesus Christ. She also kills at softball.
  • Jared


    Jared is heading up the Photography track DTS. He is an avid storm chaser, Pizza Connoisseur, and national park visitor. He is a huge hearted photographer on a journey to capture the beauty and culture of people around the world without masking their pain.
  • Ernest


    The tale of Ernest the Savage. He co-leads our grounds keeping team. He loves the children of India, and helps them dream. You rarely see him, but when you do, you are most likely to find him with fast food and mountain dew.
  • Kinsey


    Kinsey is head of our hospitality department. She loves sheep, games, and Kids. And has real passion for Discipling the Muslim world. Also we call her Kingsley.
  • Emily


    Emily is Heading up our Local Childrens tutoring ministry. She has a passion for Children, Jesus, and all the transformation he does in our lives. She has a severe peanut allergy so we call her skippy and April for some reason.
  • Misti


    Misti works in our Communications Department and is one of our head writers. She works with schools and has a passion for the truth. She doesn't have anything fun about her. She is not a fun person
  • Sue


    Sue is head of the kitchen here. She is a blast and always up for some fun. She has a passion for justice, women and children in human trafficking, and Jesus. Also her food is the best... EVER
  • Easton


    Easton blew in with an eastern wind to manage our new cafe project. He has a passion for art, evangelism and has a love for North Africa. He is the biggest coffee nut here hands down.
  • Chloe


    Chloe is school staff and on the worship team here. She is passionate about discipleship, music, and India. Her car is named Dolores... And Dolores is now dead due to a rabid hail attack.