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What Students Say



DTS 2016 & SOMD 2017

"Before I came to DTS, I had no idea who God was. I hated Him, others, and even myself. During the first week I laid it all down and said, “God, I have nothing else to lose, so show me who you are” and He did, and He’s continued to reveal Himself to me each day. I’ve grown in who I am, and I see myself the way He sees me now. From DTS to my SOMD and now as staff, I’ve realized I am so loved here, and I am also here to love others."



DTS 2017

"God used DTS to set my heart on fire for His own heart for the nations. DTS introduced me to the generosity of God, and the idea that I have an important part to play in His mission for the world."



DTS 2018

"DTS gave me the opportunity to ask hard questions, seek counsel, and forgive. In truth, DTS wasn't something I would have ever chosen for myself but I'm incredibly thankful that the Lord did. It's beautiful to see what the Lord will do if you're willing to listen. In five months the Lord taught me the beauty in surrender, the power of forgiveness, and the sweetness of His presence."