What Is A SOMD?

So you’ve experienced God in a radical way and now it’s time to help make the same thing happen for others. SOMD will further equip you to make a difference in the world, whether it’s on a university campus, the work place, or jungle village. In order to be effective in ministry you need to understand how God designed you, your gifts and strengths. SOMD is designed to
equip you to do all these things and prepare you for ministry.
SOMD consists of two parts, the lecture phase and the outreach phase. Some topics that are covered in the lecture phase are spiritual authority, effective public speaking, spiritual gifts, and comparative religions. There are two opportunities for the outreach phase:

Custom design your own outreach You pray, you hear, you plan, you go. YWAM staff will guide and assist you as you put together your outreach.
DTS Internship You will participate in the fundamentals of discipleship by joining our YWAM staff team for the 3 month DTS lecture phase and co-leading the 2 month outreach phase.

Starts: March 15th, 2020

SOMD lecture phase is set up similar to DTS. With a three month lecture phase in a live/learn community. SOMD is designed to individualize the skills and purpose you’ve discovered during DTS, and teach you how to apply them to your own call of God.

Class time is an opportunity to learn from gifted speakers on topics like…

  • Church History
  • Leadership
  • Finances
  • Motivational Gifts
  • Comparative Religion
  • Community Development and More

Community Responsibilities

Students will be assigned Tasks around base as a way to get plugged in and do their part in our community.

Local Outreach

We are very involved in our local community. We spend time each week pouring into those around us through building projects, tutoring local youth, and evangelism.

Live Learn Community

We believe that real change occurs when you learn and are then challenged to apply it in your own life. We provide a safe and healthy environment to grow and discover who God designed you to be.

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