Bible School
for the Nations

BSN Start Date:
September 22nd, 2024

What is a BSN?

BSN is a six-month-long course designed to take you deeper in your study of the Bible to equip you with the foundation and skills to take it to the ends of the earth. During the Lecture phase, you will gain an understanding of the entire Bible in context as you study the Bible chronologically. Additionally, you’ll grow in your skills as an effective and creative communicator. Over outreach, you will disciple communities by providing culturally relevant and strategic Bible training to those who will influence others. 


Equipping Disciples & Leaders

4 Months in Texas, USA

BSN Lecture Phase is set up similarly to DTS, with three months of living in a live/learn community. After completing your first three months, you will engage in a month-long seminar to further your learning. BSN will equip you with various tools to interactively study the Bible to better understand God’s Word in the context of its history, culture, and literary styles. Through this school, you’ll grow in understanding His character, how He brings about His purposes in history, and learn His intentions for each sphere of society.

Lecture Weekly Life

Community Responsibility
Worship & Intercession
Individual Devotion
Local Outreach
Reading and Homework


Class time is an opportunity to learn from gifted speakers about the beginnings of Israel, Jesus the Messiah, Discipling the Nations, and Cross-Cultural Training.

Live/Learn Community

Our hope at YWAM Wylie is that in our live/learn community setting, you not only gain knowledge but also discover how to apply it and reflect the image of Christ.

Community Responsibility

Students will be assigned tasks around the base as a way to get plugged in and do their part in our community, whether that be on grounds, in the kitchen, or with housekeeping.

Local Impact

We are very involved in our local community. We spend time each week pouring into those around us through building projects, tutoring local youth, and evangelism.


You will meet with a staff member for one-on-one discipleship throughout Lecture Phase. In small groups, you have the opportunity to share and grow with your classmates and group leaders.​


During Lecture Phase, you will have the opportunity to read through the entire Bible. You will gain a deeper understanding of God's nature and His Word.

Reaching People, Communities, and Nation

Live Your Purpose

You’ve been transformed by the power of the Word during your time in Lecture. Now, you have the opportunity to touch the nations with that same power. Through your Outreach experience, you’ll disciple communities by providing culturally relevant and strategic Bible training (BELT) to those who will influence others. 

You Pray. You Hear. You Prepare. You Go. YWAM staff will guide and assist you as you put together your outreach, whether to an existing ministry we’ve worked with or something completely new.

Outreach Weekly Life

Team Time
Worship and Intercession

*Outreach is not required for completion of BSN, but highly encouraged!

More Info

Requirements: In order to apply for and attend a Bible School for the Nations, successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is required.

Costs: BSN Lecture fees are $3890. Outreach expenses are to be determined based on location.

School Size: On average, schools have between 6-12 students. 

Housing: Students will live in dormitory-style housing during Lecture Phase. There are anywhere from 5 to 10 students living in a room at a time.

We believe in families as a whole pursuing missions together. We have housing and child care available for families. If you are interested in family missions, contact us for more information.

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