Capturing a Moment in Time (DTS: Photography & Storytelling Track)

I started taking photos at a really young age. I remember using old point and shoot cameras as a kid and taking pictures of literally everything. I remember receiving my first DSLR as a sixth grade graduation gift, and I remember taking that camera with me to school every day of seventh grade.

When I was younger, there was a joy within me whenever I picked up a camera and documented everyday life. Somewhere along the way, I lost that joy.

Mirror photo of Joseph, a Photography & Storytelling Track student

As soon as I started comparing myself to others, that joy turned to envy, and eventually into apathy. I told myself I wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t have the right equipment, or I didn’t know how to edit photos well. Instead of working towards becoming better, I just succumbed to mediocrity. Because if I wasn’t good enough, why bother, right?

These were the thoughts circling in my head when I decided to do YWAM Wylie’s Photography and Storytelling Track.

Fall 2018 Discipleship Training School Photography & Storytelling Track Group Photo

I could write a whole list of technical things I learned, but my biggest takeaway was this: my entire attitude around photography was selfish.

In years past, I was treating the art of taking photos as a performance. I started seeing my value in how well I thought I was doing with photography, and when that didn’t meet my standards, I started doubting my talent and worth.

Now? I’m trying to regain the joy I had taking photos when I was younger— the simple act of pressing the shutter and capturing a moment in time. I’m learning how to use photography as a way to serve others, and I’m learning to see my value not in my work, but in Him who has given me everything.

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As missionaries, a large part of our calling is to be able to tell stories. God calls us to love our neighbors, care for the orphans and widows, and make disciples across the globe. This cannot be done without our willingness to share the narrative of God’s love for others.

The Photography & Storytelling Track equips you to capture and share the brokenness and pain of this world and replace it with the restoration and love of God. You will learn not only how to take a picture, but also how to take a moment and transform it into a testimony and a banner of hope.

Storytelling is something we do naturally every day without even realizing it. So come and learn how you can use passions and giftings to be a voice for the voiceless.

Our next Discipleship Training School starts January 10, 2021. Click here for more information and to apply for our Photography & Storytelling Track!

Editor’s Note: This blog contains an excerpt from an Instagram post published on January 27, 2019. The post was written by Joseph, a Photography & Storytelling Track student in YWAM Wylie’s Fall 2018 Discipleship Training School.

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